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LE Kompass – your road map to Leoben

Moving to a new city can be challenging for anyone, and we here at LE Kompass want to ensure you have a smooth transition into the Leoben community. We are happy to guide and assist you on your new and exciting path ahead.

LE Kompass
is your
road map
to Leoben.

We provide services and information on

We also provide assistance in

Who can use the services of LE Kompass?

Everyone moving to our lovely city is welcome to make use of our free services, which we can adjust to your personal needs. Especially:

International Professionals and Expatriates

Help with visits
to authorities.
Finding language
classes. Other areas
where help adapting
to a new life may be needed.

Founders and Start-Ups

Facilitating contact
with founder
Information on
living in Leoben.

National and International Students

Help with
the residence.
grant and
city walk.

Excited about leoben yet?

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